Like most child television stars, Lucy is a little… unhinged. With Daddy having tragically died during a particularly gruesome round of Tiddlywinks, there is no one to keep her homicidal tendencies at bay. She skips through the woods, in search of playmates for her murderous games. Don’t let her catch you in her house, for you may not escape with your soul. With Daddy away, Lucy will play. And she plays for keeps…


Skylar was driven mad by the effects of a laughing gas injection, but the effect has weakened, and without it, her joy is lost. In desperation, she re-opened her scars to smile again. Skylar is between sanity and loss of reality, and her confusion has caused her to sew those scars shut once more. Her only hope is to find more laughing gas, but for now, she resides within the walls of Shawano Manor, seeking safety within her new Family.


Jinx was born in 1853 as Sophia Johnson, in London, England. She was shunned to a sanitarium due to an experiment gone wrong, and escaped. On her travels, she met Madam Mayhem, who immortalized her and helped her travel through time. Those travels led her to Shawano Manor, a place of horror and insanity, and she can be found on its’ Midway, searching for victims for new experiments.


In the 1900s, there was a boy named William. One of his biggest interests was psychology, and he studied his peers and their behavior, taking notes. When bullies noticed his eyes on them, they kidnapped him in a burlap sack, and drowned him in a river. His spirit found Charles, who agreed to let the Watcher roam the Twisted Trail and study its’ creatures in peace.


Don’t let the smile and festive suit fool you! His jokes and songs are distractions for his prey. Cursed 300 years ago, he feeds on souls to survive – tearing souls from humans with his bare hands or his chainsaw. There’s nowhere to hide! From under the bed or the closet, maybe the back seat of your car or the bushes outside your house, you can run, but Mr. Jingles is coming for you, and there’s no escape!


Jinx’s former lab assistant, Toxic Tears spent years in the Haunted Midway, but eventually, its’ flashing lights gave her a case of photophobia. It is due to this fear that she wandered into the Twisted Trail, getting lost in its’ trees, and finding a new home among the creatures and foliage. You may hear her before you see her, but know she’s always there.


After leaving the psych ward he called home, Hyde tried to return to normal life, but could not cope with, or understand, society’s constructs. While his mind considered suicide his only option, Charles took pity on him, giving him a new home, and a new smile to cover his shame. He now lives to repay the generosity, and can be found roaming the estate of Shawano Manor and the Twisted Trail.


At the age of 6, Scarlet’s parents put her up for adoption, due to her paranoid schizophrenia. She found home in one orphanage after another, questionable fires left in her wake (though she swears her bear, Lilith, started them). A scientist adopted her. Unfortunately, he specialized in mutations, making Scarlet immortal through experimentation, though bloodlust is a side effect. Upon her escape, she found Shawano Manor, and Charles, who gave her a place to call home… forever.


A man of few words, Mr. Nice Guy keeps to himself. He has spent his entire life on the grounds of Green Bay Fear, and can still be found throughout, from the Midway to Shawano Manor. He found a friend in a teddy bear he named Chompy, though an accident made Chompy a little… different. Approach with caution, as he may not be as nice as his name lets on!


Patient ID Number: 13631623625

Patient Name: UNKNOWN

Patient Age: UNKNOWN

Patient Alias: Dredd

Diagnosis: Schizophrenia, Multiple Personality Disorder, Chronic Rage Syndrome, Sadist, Sociopath

Admitted to Oak Ridge Criminal Asylum for Case 11, involving killings of 66 known victims.




Living in a derelict cabin in the mountains for years proves one thing… spending too much time alone eventually goes bad. With his words lost, and a bit socially awkward, Sunder only watches from afar where he’s comfortable. Typically in heavily wooded areas like the Twisted Trail, curiosity sometimes gets the best of him, just don’t get too close…


She used to be just another little girl. Following years spent in the HOPE Foster Care and Rehabilitation Center, the girl was disfigured and psychologically scarred, after years of cruel and torturous discipline techniques, and KilHer was born. She lusts for power and violence, and her strength is unmatched as she wields a gut-soaked chainsaw. Finding home within the confines of the Twisted Trail, she will find you, she will hunt you, capture you, torture you, and destroy you. Heed this warning, as she may look little, but her strength is unmatched.


Born with a leg defect, he never really walked correctly, though he’s better on all fours. Known as a freak, the circus found Splatter and put him on display for the world to laugh at and judge. One night, he couldn’t take it anymore, murdering those who enslaved him. Alone until he found refuge with the Family, he uses those skills to protect them, and can be found in Mr. Jingles’ Funhouse and Shawano Manor, keeping an eye on the Family he found.